Friday, June 01, 2012

Garden Log 1 - March 29

As of March:

In January we moved into a house and I am now able to have my own garden. The back yard is good sized, and I have plans to make much more of it into garden space. For months I'd been planning and planting seeds in anticipation.

At the end of March we came back from a trip. The snow had not melted much earlier and plants were just starting to come up. I wasn't sure what was in the garden since I had only seen it in fall. A few crocus came up, which I didn't see before the rabbits made snacks of them. Two weeks later the day lilies were a foot high, and it looked like a different world.

The irises are coming up in the bare backyard. I had earlier discovered that one of the shrubs was a lilac and one a forsythia, by putting some branches in water in winter. I learned what looks like overgrown grass, was actually extremely overgrown garlic chives. Yum! It makes a nice stir fry, but then I discovered that it has spread everywhere and is going to be a lot of work to remove.

garden 1 - Photo Mar 29.jpg

The side garden by the fence is overgrown with grass, Chives and Creeping Charlie. I started pulling out weeds and found the grass had grown over many of the rocks that were bordering, and the area should actually be larger.

garden 8 Photo Apr 04, 12 20 14 PM.jpg

The front looks bare, but little Siberian Squill are popping up all over. They easily blend in with the grass, and I spotted a few in the back as well.

garden 4 Photo Mar 29, 12 17 46 PM.jpg

garden 9Photo Mar 29, 12 18 38 PM.jpg

One of the first flowers to bloom are Virginia Blue Bells.

garden 2 Photo Mar 29, 12 40 04 PM.jpg

More to come!

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