Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mermaids, cats and dryads

It's about time I update, since there are three new paintings. Prints of all are now available. If you are interested in originals please inquire by email.

Morning Glory Fairy - 5x7 watercolor

This fairy was inspired by the morning glory flowers in my garden. All summer I waited for flowers to bloom. Finally the purple plants did in July, and I thought the blue flowers never would. The blue plants looked thin and stunted, and nowhere near the size of the others. One of them finally had a bloom in august, and the flower was 3 times the size of the purples and stayed out all day. Of course it needed a cat with matching blue eyes.

Morning Glory Fairy Prints

morning glory fairy

Curiosity - 2x16 watercolor

I don't often paint mermaids because I always come up against the same problem - What are they doing? This mermaid was looking at something, probably a bubble before I found some amazing jellyfish photos and was inspired.

Curiosity - Mermaid and Jellyfish prints

jellyfish mermaid

Forest Dryad Portrait - 5x8 watercolor
A beautiful face peeks out through autumn leaves and branches.

Dryad Prints

dryad portrait


Pia N said...

love the fall colors, it is very beautiful.

mirsini's creations said...

All of them are beautiful!!!!! I especially LOve the Dryad Forest Portrait!!!! Wonderful Autumn colours!!!! Your bags and your calendars are very beautiful!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!! :o))

Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

I've always loved your work....very inspiring and uplifting.....excited to find this blog.....I love the colours and feel of this image......