Thursday, February 24, 2011

The art of aceos - new and improved!

I've been working on improving my ACEO cards. I have always printed them on 4x6 paper to allow me to mat them for shows. Many people at art shows I attend do not know what aceos are, or the shows require that I display prints in mats. So until now I trimmed them down for customers who requested it.

Slavic costume girl ACEO print/card

I recently learned that the cards will fit in trading card sleeves, even with a tiny border included. All new cards will be trimmed and mounted on heavy archival watercolor paper. The thickness gives card a really nice feeling.

ACEO card close up

You can still find them untrimmed and matted at any of the shows I do, or if you'd like to use a larger frame simply request "untrimmed" with your order.

Matted ACEO - it's not art without a kitty.

Here are a few ACEO cards made from details of larger fantasy paintings that are now available. All my available ACEOs are listed here.

ACEO prints

If you don't know what an aceo is, you can find more information at

"ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals". These cards have one main rule - they are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches - the size of a trading card."

ACEO Art cards can be open or limited edition prints, or original paintings and drawings. The only rule is that they should be 2.5x3.5 inches in size. They will fit in tiny wallet size photo frames, trading card sleeves or collectable card binder pages. Art cards can be displayed as a group in one frame or group of small frames on a wall, kept in a wallet, used as a bookmark or traded with friends.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese Zodiac - Year of the Rabbit painting

This year I wanted to paint a companion piece to the previous year's Chinese Zodiac Tiger painting. The tiger painting was and ACEO, but that size can be pretty confining. This painting is 6x8 inches in watercolor, and inked with acrylic ink and a tiny paintbrush instead of a pen.

In China and Japan rabbits are associated with the moon. The moon is said to have a rabbit on it instead of the "man in the moon". I can't see it myself so I'll just take their word for it! Bunnies are definitely cuter.

The original painting is available on Etsy (detail pics at the link).


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Newest fantasy rubber stamps available

Sweet Pea Stamps has released quite a few new rubber stamp designs based on my work since I last wrote about it. It's been great seeing what customers create with them on stamping blogs. Everyone comes up with a unique color scheme. These two steampunk stamped cards from the blog In My Quiet Time are especially nice.

All the stamp designs available can be found here.

plate78c.jpg Plate94c.jpg

Illura - Fairy of the Moon and Stars

Illura is based on an older painting from 2005. I had always liked the character design and colors, but felt the pose drawn was awkward. I decided to paint a new version of her last winter. I turned the former art nouveau border into a theatre stage.

Fine Art Prints of Illura are available in several sizes.


Illura painting from 2005 illura_mdillman.jpg

Crazy Kitty Time

Does your cat zoom around the house at midnight chasing invisible things, leap in the air and chase her tail? It's Crazy Kitty Time, AKA The Midnight Crazies!

Perhaps the fairies are chasing them, but that's just my theory.

Fine Art Prints of Crazy Kitty Time are available in several sizes.

crazy kitty time

Saturday, February 05, 2011