Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Sun and Blossoming Spring

I finally finished the Spring and Summer paintings. I really love how they turned out! Both paintings are 5x11 inch watercolors made with archival paints and paper. Click the links below to see the entire painting:

Summer Sun

Summer Sun was inspired by sunsets and Fuschia flowers.
Prints are available here

Blossoming Spring

Blossoming Spring was inspired by Cherry and Apple blossoms of Spring. Prints are available here

If you haven't seen the previous paintings, you can see "Fallfire" and "Queen of the Night Sky" in detail on my site. Many people have been asking me to make it into a series of of 4 seasons for years.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Finished Commission - Of Air and Sea

A recently finished commission of a dragon and mermaids at the edge of an enchanted forest.

The original painting was 11x14 size watercolor.

Of Air and Sea

Print of this painting are available here.

Spring and Summer works in progress

I started working on two paintings to complete a series started with Queen of the Night Sky and Fallfire. I hadn't planned to make the seasons, but most people assume that Queen of the Night Sky was meant to be winter, and I've gotten a few requests. Spring is cherry blossom based and Summer will have a sun motif added to match the stars.

spring summer inks

Below is a mock up of my planned colors. They never end up exactly the same in watercolor but it helps to know what I'm doing first.

Spring/Summer colors