Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Summersea from Etsy tagged me. So I have to post 6 random things about myself:

1. Everything in my living room is red and green (but no it doesn't look Christmasy at all since they are not bright colors).

2. I'm a huge procrastinator. What do you think I'm doing now?

3. I love gyouza/potstickers (Japanese/Chinese dumplings). I usually buy them frozen but I have tried making homemade gyouza twice this year. They were good, only both times I have messed up when it came to freezing them. The first time they stuck together and the 2nd time I tried putting plastic wrap between layers but they still freeze together. So next time I will freeze them all on a pan before putting them in a container.

here is the recipe:, but they are also good with spinach instead of cabbage.

4. I have a weak spot for costumes. The only problem is it takes me ages to finish them or I buy them and I am just not in the mood to alter them when they don't fit. So I have 1 costume and another skirt which will probably sit for months until I decide to finish them.

5. I've been watching Stargate SG1 almost every night for a couple months and now I'm on season 5.

6. I have a HUGE tea collection. Im not kidding. It covers half a kitchen cabinet and several tins on the back of the stove.