Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm getting stuff ready for Anime Detour tommorow (Sorry, if you didn't already register they won't let you in). I have to go to UPS later to pick up what I hope is the keychain rack I ordered.

I noticed Liquid Skin now has my tattoo flash set up. These are large prints for professional tattoo artists to use. Individual designs are available through their other site SkinU. Those have been up since last fall and I have completely forgot to point that out.

I just did some more small tattoo designs like moons last week, and re-colored one of the kitsune I did last week.

- amazing picture by an autistic artist who drew London from memory after a single helicopter trip
- Top 100 Aprils Fools hoaxes of all time
- Video: What if people spoke how they commented Online (warning for foul language, but it's really funny)

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