Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Behind on posting again!

Unfortunately I can't show the other illustrations I've been doing for Orion's Bell the last few months yet (actually you can see one on the link there), but I finished a really neat one yesterday. I also sent my comic book/graphic novel off to be printed last Thursday and should be getting them in a couple days. I'm excited! So I will have actual books at Anime Detour and Anime Central this year.

But this is what I've been up to lately:

Lavender Rose ACEO
Lavender Rose ACEO - Auction

I actually used tea on this too!

These are the last 3 pictures I've finished for the how-to book project:
Throne of Ravens
Snow Maiden

Site updated with New Prints:
A Magical Discovery
A Dryad
Wisteria 2

ACEO limited editions:
Moon Goddess
Blue Topaz
Vampire Elf

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