Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sorry I don't write in here very often.

Here's some quick updates on what's going on.

It's been well below zero for the last week in Minnesota. On Thursday I was unable to start my car so I couldn't mail end of the week orders. Attempts at having a friend jump it failed so yesterday I called AAA and took it to get the battery replaced. I'm surprised it lasted 7 or 8 years anyway. So tommorow I can finally finish running my errands and get caught up.

I am working on 3 new paintings for the how-to book I mentioned earlier. Meanwhile I did put up prints of the previous 3: Castles in the Sky, Among the Mushrooms and Poppies. Yujean released 5 new sticker designs and those are also available from me

Time not spent on commissions has been spent on painting a couple of comic covers for Tempest of the Soul, as well as re-"lettering" the old pages I've scanned. I have to laugh at the number of typos I had in the old version. I am confident that even without touched up art the new typeface would make the new book will look many times better.

I opened a shop on Dawanda. There is not much there yet because I am still figuring the site out. But soon people will have the option to shop with Euros.

I finally got to looking into conventions for this year. So far I will be attending Anime Detour April 4-6 (in the dealers's room not artist alley this year), Anime Central, and Kakkoi-con, and most likely Anime Iowa. Other conventions I will have art at will be Farpoint Feb 15, Oddcon, Marscon MN Feb 29...

Saturday April 26 I will be at the Craftstravaganza Rogue Art and Craft Sale in the Fine Arts building at the Minnesota State Fair grounds.

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