Thursday, September 09, 2010

Spring and Summer works in progress

I started working on two paintings to complete a series started with Queen of the Night Sky and Fallfire. I hadn't planned to make the seasons, but most people assume that Queen of the Night Sky was meant to be winter, and I've gotten a few requests. Spring is cherry blossom based and Summer will have a sun motif added to match the stars.

spring summer inks

Below is a mock up of my planned colors. They never end up exactly the same in watercolor but it helps to know what I'm doing first.

Spring/Summer colors

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Lexi said...

Wow, the watercolor mock-ups are amazing.. I think I like the summer colors in this better than the final product, even without the cleaner lines and detail. But then, it was only last year in architecture school that I learned watercolor is much more than a children's toy hehe :)