Monday, July 12, 2010

Red panda ACEO steps

1. I inked the sketch in black and then painted in most of the panda's colors. The paper is taped down around the edges with artist tape so it doesn't wrinkle. I went over the background with a light greenish yellow. Normally I'd paint the background first so this is a bit backwards.

red panda 1

2. Roughly filled in some darker areas between the leaves.

panda 2

3. Worked more on darker leaves in the background to give an impression or a full forest behind the panda and started on the tree limb. I wanted the foreground leaves to stand out more so the area around them needs to be darker.

panda 3

4. Almost finished here. The tree limb requires many layers of color and final detailed lines for 3d bark. Foreground leaves are are painted and details added for leaf veins.

panda 4

And the finished painting:

Red Panda in tree ACEO

The original painting is for sale on etsy.

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