Wednesday, June 09, 2010

An outdoor art faire

I spent a lot of time reading tips on EZ up tents before finally getting one. I knew it was probably going to rain the day of the fair so I got one just in time and spent most of the week finding extra supplies for displays and weighing the tent down.

It rained the whole time but luckily the new tent held up. I need waterproofing and a bigger tarp. Unfortunately my nice canvas banner I got for conventions last year turned out to not be waterproof and now has streaks running down it. So probably something vinyl or laminated would be good.

I'm sure everything will be better when figure out what works and what doesn't for the next time and have better displays. There's not a lot I can do for displays because I'm limited to what I can carry and fit in the car.


I got the idea of using chains from a photo of someone's tent on an etsy listing. It worked really well and I will get more of them.


And a corgi. Cause they're awesome.



Holly Durr said...

Thanks for writing about this. I'm always interested in learning from others experiences at festivals.

Meredith said...

This might be helpful

Francesca Diotallevi said...

Wonderful! And the Corgi are so sweet!!