Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fleur d'Amour

8x10 watercolor and acrylic painting
Prints available
Fleur d'Amour

This was inspired by an older painting from 2003, that I wanted to revisit:
old new


Julia Finucane said...

Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love this fantasy world of yours! It's beautiful and captivating. I saw your name on another blog and had to come look. Dillman is my maiden name, and they say all Dillman's are fairly closely related at least in the US. So poking my head in just for fun. :) But I am guessing I'll be back. Wonderful blog.

Meredith said...

Thank you :) I don't think there are many Dillman's where I live. I've only met one once.

thedancingemu said...

very cool, I love to see an artist revisit an older painting, it really shows how much they've improved :)