Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jury Duty?

I just got a letter today and saying I might have do jury duty in December for a week. The best part is parking in downtown St. Paul is expensive and they suggest I use public transportation. I am not looking forward to standing at the bus stop at 7 am, in the snow in December!

Like a bad citizen I say: What did I do to deserve this punishment? :) I can just imagine Phoenix Wright references invading my brain at the wrong time.


Irvine Engineer said...

You needn't respond
to your invitation.
You are not a slave
because you are
a citizen.

Postal mail is unreliable,
you might not gotten
your invitation.

If you do go, look up
jury nullification
first, eg fija.org.

Eva Le Fae said...

Phoenix Wright might get in the way of actually listening. You COULD do like how my art teacher did: Just go crazy on them during the interview.

It's either that or having "OBJECTION!" in your head at random times. XD


Meredith said...

eva le fae,

Yes that would probably be bad :)

Meredith said...

irvine engineer,

Thanks, I will take a look at it.

Holly Durr said...

My husband got called for jury duty once, he got out of it. If you have a good excuse you can get out of it too. :)

Merkidemis said...

But just think of all the interesting cases you could hear. I was on jury for an inmate who attacked some guards, and a potential for a copyright infringement case. You never know, you might get something really intriguing.

Other then the lost time, I don't see why people dread jury duty so much. You get to have the power of anothers fate in the palm of your hand.