Sunday, July 27, 2008

New paintings

I'm a great fan (addict) of tea and I recently designed this tea label design for Blue Raven Tea -
Tea Label

All of these were commissions, but for the last two I did with very little direction and as a result they are more me than some other paintings. I don't often get to paint men, but when I do I enjoy it. The armor was inspired by Burne-Jones's designs.

The Moonlight Spinner is available as a print

In mystic swirls of the night
her lamp suspended on gossamer strings
she captures starlight,
moonmoth, and fyreflye's wings
pearls of the moon entwined in her webs

Moonlight Spinner

Prepared (prints will be available soon)


Upcoming conventions and art shows:
Kakkoi Con - Minneapolis MN, August 1-3 *attending*
Anime Iowa - August 15-17
Dragon Con - Atlanta GA Aug 29-Sept 1

On another note, I found a good blog for anyone who loves the Pre-Raphaelites: The Beautiful Necessity


Coty said...

I like the crow and tea illustration, Mere! It came out nice.

Now.... how do I subscribe to your bloG

Meredith said...

you should be able to RSS it but there's also

-J.Meyer said...

I LOVE the tea label, what a lovely design and the raven is fantastic.