Thursday, October 04, 2007

Magic Pumpkin ACEO

Here's another picture that I drew this weekend,


Still working on more paintings of course:)

I started reading Saimain's first book: The Rover's Cripple this weekend. I've had it for a couple years but it kept getting put on the bottom of the huge stack of books that need to be read. I was hooked right away, which is great because I've had a hard time getting into books lately.

Last night I made apple pie and watched Mansfield Park and really enjoyed it, compared to the last Austen I'd seen (Persusion, which bored me)

Fallcon is this weekend. I don't think I have anything comic related to sell right now so I may have to put a mini book together or reprint something last minute. I've been working on putting a book together by Anime Detour (but that's in March and not going to get done any earlier), and have redrawn an entire chapter and inked 8 pages this week.

My dad is speaking at the Minneapolis Central Library Saturday as part of a Thoreau Society Conference. I'll be at Fallcon so I can't go.

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