Sunday, June 24, 2007


I was thinking I should perhaps write something more interesting here if I'm going to be linking the same things from my website after the new design.

Since I have been a little bored with art lately. I am gathering inspirations for new art and making list of ideas. My sketchbooks are full of more interesting things which I never get around to instead of fairies. I've gotten all my pre-raphaelite poetry books together now in case I want to illustrate something. My problem is I usually feel like doing the easy thing instead and narrative work isn't easy but it's more fullfilling. There more Japanese stories, fairy tale heroines, furries and dragons I should be doing.

I've always wanted to publish a comic or graphic novel and lately I came up with another idea (which now makes 2) and did some character sketches. I don't know if it will go anywhere since I don't feel like writing a script for it right now. The idea has to ferment in my mind for a long time before all the little scenes in between will fill themselves in. So instead I went back to my online comic this week after almost a year. A few pages were finished and now I'm back to scripting. Since I have all these characters I thought I should be painting them too. The pictures may not mean as much to everyone else but as long as they are pretty I won't matter. I've finished one and will scan it today or tommorow.

Apparently it's Fairy Day today. I didn't even notice until someone else mentioned it. I googled it and found this, which is a shop I painted a logo for a few years ago.

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